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Fahria Yasmin Baladraf, or known as DJ Yasmin, is one of the brightest names in the Indonesia dance scene. At the age of 24, the born 1987 DJ was crowned as ‘Best Female DJ of the Year’ in the 2011 Paranoia Award. In 2013, the Paranoia Awards dubbed her as ‘DJ of The Year’.
However, she never thought of having a career in EDM scene before, although she loves the music since teenager. Her interest in being a DJ was sparked when she met her best friend DJ who made her learned the basic skills. It was her turn point where she felt being a DJ was her calling.
Yasmin developed her musical capability by producing her first EP, Cookies, which released in 2013. The EP had three tracks that are progressive house sounds. As a DJ, her combination of musical and technical skill, beauty, and charming personality, made her as one of the most wanted female DJ in Indonesia.