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Dipha Barus


Everybody knows his songs, everybody likes it! Dipha Kresna Adhitya Barus, better known as Dipha Barus, is one of the most dynamic forces in Indonesia dance music scene. Born and raised in Jakarta, the electronic DJ and producer had always a close relationship with music. His first introduction to dance music was happens naturally, it was his turning point when he goes to Singapore for his Dad’s treatment.
His big break as a DJ and producer came in 2016 when his first single, “No One Can Stop Us” featuring Kallula, became a single hit that has been viewed more than 3.7 million times on YouTube, and occupies in various radio charts in Indonesia. In 2017 he collaborated with several Indonesian musicians, such as with Teza Sumendra and Rinni Wulandari on the single “Lemme Get That” and with Nadine Amizan on his second single “All Good”.
Dipha Barus is currently one of the most sought-after DJs. He won the Paranoia Awards as the Best DJ of the Year for two consecutive years (Best Electro DJ of the Year 2013 and Best DJ of the Year 2014. He is now one of the most wanted Dj in Indonesia, from clubs to festivals and rave parties.

Dipha Barus